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Extension Based On Thai Child

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For the last years I always got a 12 months extension based on marriage, no problem. Now my divorce from thai wife has been in the court since last december. My extension ran out in May. Now they give me in Chiangmai "extensions" only until the next court hearing, every 4-6 weeks, each time 1,900Baht. I asked for extension on raising a thai child by myself without wife, they say you have to be legally divorced. I also have a work permit. I am told they are very un-cooperative in Chiangmai in helping you get 1 year based on work permit. This process can last many more months with the wonderful thai court system. How can I bypass this process. With a multiple entry I rather go every 3 months across the border than go and see the bunch at Chiangmai immigration who have improved the interior of their office but still don't smile (where have all the smiles gone in the land of smiles?). But where is the best place to go for the most multiple entries, Vientienne?

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You are not likely to obtain a multi entry non immigrant O visa closer than Perth (and they are about to close). Local consulates expect you to extend at immigration so most will only issue single entry. KL will issue multi for wife if you have 100k in bank account but last report I noticed from there would not do it for child. In any case suspect you do not have legal custody if you have not even been able to divorce yet and that is a requirement for most extensions of stay for child. Expect the 1,900 baht extensions of stay for court is your best option at present.

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You have a work permit so you have work. Based on working you could get an extension of stay, if your company meets certian criteria. One of the criteria is your income. For most nationalities of western countries the minimum income is 50,000 baht a month. Teachers and members of the media do not have to show a minimum income.

Otherwise you might be able to get a multiple non-B in Malaysia.

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