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Intel Ssd Not Recognised In Bios


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Hi All -

I finally decided to go for an Intel 80GB SSD, bought this morning and felt that the changeover was going to be simple. I downloaded the Intel Tool Box, the Intel Firmware Update Manager and the Intel Data Migration Software. The PC is newish (nine months) and runs a Windows7 Ultimate 64-bit version. The MB is an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo with the latest BIOS, with E8600 CPU etc.

Adding the SDD to the PC getting ready for cloning the SSD is not recognised … what next?

Anyone having had the same problem and found a solution? I like to hear from you!

Many thanks in advance.

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Not come across that one yet......but try booting up with just the SSD. If recognized, format it then hook up the rest. Good luck.It should run, as ya gear is new enough. I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme MB and that saw the SSD after a bios update.....I too am running Win 7 x64 Ultimate.

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