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Dj'S And Music Production


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Hi there!! Does anyone out there DJ? or do music production? I've been a DJ for ten years and I'm currently waiting to send my equipment over from the UK. I'm writing music on my computer with a program called 'abelton live 8 suite' I'm mainly into hard house and hardstyle but I love all types of music! I live in Roi-et and have no-one to share my music ideas with! I really feel my creative flow is being slowing sapped from me! I dont know anyone who loves music quite like I do and everyone here seems quite bewilderd in my taste in music!! HELP!!!


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I have been a house DJ for more then 20 years and have produced my own music and got it successfully published on CD (mainly).

Have worked with famous guys like Eddy de Clercq, Georgio, Olav Basoski, Carl Cox and many others.

Send me a PM with your private e-mail address and I will try to help you.


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