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Local Tv Reporter Is Shot Dead In Chonburi


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Local TV Reporter is Shot Dead in Chonburi

CHONBURI: -- Two men were killed and one survived from gun shots after a confrontation with a gang member in Chonburi.

Chonburi, 18th September 2010 [PDN] At 02.45 am, Chonburi Police Investigator was notified by Chonburi hospital that three men had been admitted with gunshot wounds. One had been transferred to Ekachol Hospital while the other two, one in a serious condition and the other with minor injuries were being treated there.



-- 2010-09-18


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...confrontation with a gang...

What kind of gang? The newspaper does not say.

I don't think it was a gang of wine collectors, I thinkk the hint was here.

and found another group of his friends embroiled in an argument with a group of men, led by Mr. Supachok Kosolchai, [29] and a well known local man alias "Choke Bangsai", [29], from Nongmaidang, Chonburi. Mr. Athipat said the problem seemed to be a very small issue. He and his reporter friend intended to help clear up the problem but unexpectedly, Mr. Supachok Kosolchai pulled out a 9mm gun, shooting him and his friends before escaping on a motorbike with two men who were waiting for him.
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It is time that the Thai authorities stop the violent crimes especially crimes with firearms. Harsh mandatory penalties need to be imposed on those that shoot other people.

Thai land especially Pattaya is starting to get a bad reputation as a tourist destination due to youth violence.

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