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I am writing about the methods being used to help eradicate the mosquitos that are infected with the Dengue and Malaria virus's. In my village and for the last few months almost every household has had members fall victim to the Dengue virus. What I have notice recently is that there is no fog dispersants being applied to prevent the out breaks. Instead if your home has members that have taken ill do to Dengue, the headman of our village will send a team to that house (only) and spray the insecticide. What is completely puzzling is that the mosquito's just move to the next house and so it seems not only a waste of money and time but no real eradication is taking place and we find ourselves wondering how is this possible when it is obvious that the current methods are not working. We have not had any outbreaks at our home. Not sure why when every home surrounding us has been infected with Dengue. When I approached our headman he tells us that there is no budget to spray all the village.

This leaves me with a few questions

1. Are not the hospitals (that are all full at the moment) coordinating with infected villages

2. The health ministry is not coordinating with areas highly affected by the current outbreak

3. Possible corruption within the villages

I would like to hear from other members in the Chiangmai area if they have experience similar proceedures

Thanks Milt

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A couple of weeks ago, in our village, banners were erected saying that spraying for mosquitoes would take place the next day. Sure enough a motor bike and side car with fog disperants travelled quite quickly down our soi. I was in our back garden, where most of the mosquitoes gather under the fruit treeson dusk, and the mist never made it that far. Not sure who financed or organised the operation but for me a complete waste of time and money.There was no noticeable drop off in mosquito activity in the following days. I belive the number of people hospitalised in the CM area alone and school absenteeism is quite staggering but there appears to be no co ordinated effort to (a) highlight the problem and (B) to effect a comprehensive eradication program. Isn't this as serious as the avian flu problems of the past ?

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The Paded Ampur seems to have the money to take care of spraying as they have been thru our mo ban 3 times in last 3 months. Sounds like someone has appropriated some monies for a more worthy cause (theirs). They walk each soi, spraying one side then the other so coverage is complete.

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