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Visibility In Rainy Conditions


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Visibility in rainy conditions

The front window is partly smoggy, especially in front of the driver seat, the passenger seat part is okay. That's why I assume that the air conditioning is fine.

How to improve the visibility?

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Unfortunately here they don't fit demisters which is daft but Make sure your aircon is on fresh air and not recirculating. :)

You also could have water coming in the cab somewhere.

Camry, Accord, BMW, Benz all come with heaters and windshield demist.

LOS pickups and SUV it can be installed for 25-30k baht.

Most efficient is running AC and heat directed on windshield, in an auto climate car this needs to be done by "AC ON", "DEMIST" or windshield symbol and rather high temp in some auto climate cars (like 25-28C)

Even in freezing cold Scandinavia, we run AC in combo with heater sometimes in the winter to remove humidity rapidly

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