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Need Advise On Extension Of Stay

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Thanks for reading this thread and hope you can offer some opinion and advice too.

My Status

I am a Singaporean who shall get married with my Thai girl friend soon.

Does not have enough 400k baht in bank.


Can i obtain a one year stay by simply showing documents of our marriage certificate alone?

If not, can my Thai wife simply apply my work permit under Chef category to work in her eatery shop?

Can a foreign spouse of a Thai citizen be allow to work in this industry (Food)? As i read, foreigner arent allow to own business in food industry)

I would like to reside in Thailand with my wife but unable to get any job offers so far, i am thinking of expanding her small eatery shop and work there.

Do you guys think the law allow that? If it possible, how should i go about doing so. I have been trying to read up as much forum as possible but i am getting confuse and demoralise.

Please help because any genuine advices are very much appreciate and God Bless You.

Sincerely Loss.

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When married to a Thai national you must show an income of 40,000 baht a month OR 400,000 in the bank in an account in Thailand in your name for at least two months if you want to get an extension of stay.

Failing that you can get a 1 year non-O multiple entry visa from the Thai embassy in Kuala Lumphur, requiring you to leave every 90 days.

If your wife has a restaurant she can employ you under certain conditions as chef and can also get an extension of stay based on employment, but you would need an income of 45,000 a month for that. But you can work for 40,000 a month and ask for an extension of stay based on marriage.

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The Thai Embassy in KL needs to see a bank balance of at least 100,000 Baht to issue a Multi Entry Non Imm O Visa .

Being a Singapore national you might even be able to get one in Singapore. It is worth an ask.

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