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Sangria And Som Tam (Thai To Spain - Shenghen)

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After a little advice, she who must be obeyed has a UK Visit Visa.

I understand to go to Spain for a couple of weeks we'd need a Shenghen which she must apply for in Bangkok.

My questions are :-

1. She hasnt much in her bank account although she has property and mortgage / car, and I understand as a UK citizen I couldnt sponser her for this...but would showing the UK visit visa and my letters of sponser help in anyway ? Anyone have any experience of this ?

2. Providing there's a way to get the Shenghen, how long does it last for, will she be asked how long the trip is for and then once we've used it we cannot use again - I had planned a couple of trips abroad if possible...

3. Am I right to go to Spainsh or should I try another country as I understand we dont neccisarily have to go to that country...

Thanks in advance..any advice from anyone who's tried to do similar is appreaciated


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To answer your questions as best I can :

1. Each of the Schnegen countries has slightly different requirements, but all are basically the same. Your wife will need to show that she has sufficient funds to support herself during her stay. This is normally done by showing a bank account and statements for the previous 3 months. Most Schengen countries require a " daily " requirement of about 60 Euros a day for each day that you will be in that country, and the balance in the bank should cover this. Some of the Schengen countries insist that the funds are in the applicant's account while others allow the applicant's sponsor/spouse. etc to have the funds available. You should check the requirements for Spain. Having a UK visa already might help, but it is no guarantee.

2. Schengen visas are usually issued only for the period that you apply for. If you ask for a two week visit starting on the 20th October, then that is what you get. Schengen visas are usually " single - entry", so if you require a " multiple entry " then you must specify the reasons why in a covering letter.

3. If you are going only to Spain then you must apply at the Spanish Embassy. Although, in theory, a Schengen visa allows you to travel anywhere in the Schengen area, in practice this is not necessarily so, at least on first entry. All of the Schengen States are aware that it is easier to obtain visas from certain countries in an attempt to gain entry to the rest of Schengen area, and they therefore do not like people turning up in, for instance, Spain, with a visa isued by the Embassy of, for instance, Poland. This usually only applies at the first entry point to Schnegen as, once you are in you can travel anywhere. So, in theory, you get a visa for Poland, fly to Warsaw, then travel on to Spain. I wouldn't recommend this way forward, though.

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Just to add that if you are an EU national and she is your wife or unmarried partner* then many of the questions and requirements wont apply to her; so read the form carefully.

*The different Schengen states have different definitions of what constitutes unmarried partners; so if you do live together but are not married then check whether or not the state you are applying to recognises you as such.

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Not wife, she's girlfriend - I see that the main problem I have here is her finance - if I was to write a letter and deposit some money in her account I've read 60 Euro a day, would this work in my favour? I could understand how it may have a detremental effect.

She said when she rang the embassy that she could go in the same day for an interview, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have any issues here but I'm aware how fickle some of these procedures are...

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