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Extension Of Stay And 90 Day Reporting

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In the next days I will apply for a new 1 year extension of stay based on retirement.

As form TM7 asks for my address in Thailand, does this automatically reset the 90-day reporting counter, or do I have to make the reporting separately? I still have about 2 weeks left on my 90-days counter and I'd prefer to do everything (extension and 90-day-reporting) on the same day.

My immigration office is in Chaeng Wattana, BKK.

Thanks for your answer!

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It are two separate things and the application for a new extension of stay doesn't reset the clock. Only your FIRST extension of stay does that.

You can of course try to do it on the same day, or do your report by mail.

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There have been recent reports that some Immigration Offices are re setting the clock when you make your next application.

When I collected my last Marriage extension they did the 90 day report at the same time even though it was a month away.

That was at Khon Kaen.

When I made my last 90 day report they only gave about 2 months to coincide with my current permision to stay expiry date.

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