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Thai Wives, Wills & Inheritance Implications


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This post fits across forums "Business, Investments, house, ownership etc." so am posting in "general".

Looking for advice please on what happens under the 2 scenarios below:


There is a legitimately working and trading Thai Ltd company, 3 shareholders: Farang husband 40%, Thai wife 49%, A.N. Other 11%.

Thai wife owns 100 talang wah of land on which the company premises are built. The company owns the building.

Scenario 1: Thai wife dies without having made a will.

Scenario 2: Thai wife dies having made a will, stating she leaves ALL of her assets to farang husband.

I'm thinking in terms of, and under normal circumstances, "farangs cannot own land in Thailand, and farangs cannot hold more than 49% of shares in a Thai Ltd Company".

Thanks in advance.

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