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Visa Question

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My friend got this Non-Immigrant O-A (M = multiply ?) in Helsinki, Finland 25.10 2010.


He arrived to Thailand 5.11.2010 and got stamp from Suvarnabhumi (admitted until 4.11.2011)

8.11.2010 he visited in Laos and when back in Thailand got stamp admitted until 5 feb 2011.

2.2.2011 he visited Cambodia and back in Thailand got stamp admitted until 1 feb 2012.

Now if he stay in Thailand and visit Cambodia in October, does he get another 12 months when arriving to Thailand before 25.10.2011?


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Every entry before 25th October will get 12 months.

Unless immigration make a mistake like they did when he visited Laos in November. It's always a good idea to check the stamp you receive before you leave so you can point out any error to the immigration officer. Much easier to have it corrected there and then.


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