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Non Imm O In Kuala Lumpur

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Hi all, we just come back from Malaysia, were i accompanied a fellow countryman which doesn't speak a single word of the english language, apart from "hello", he's running a business over here however made the visa on the basis of his marriage to a thai kwife.

The form to fill in provided on the official website of the RTE in KL is not being accepted by the embassy staff, people having one of those forms (like us) are being sent back to collect another slightly different form from the gate security man (the only differencies were fields moved around and an additional one asking when was the previous date of entry to Thailand, before the last one).

When we arrived to Malaysia, we realize that we had forgotten to update the bank book and the last entry was dated almost a year earlier, so we had a bit of panic, no facilities were available there to update it so the embassy staff told us to get 100k in travel cheques, after hours trying to get those travel cheques from every possible places (either they didn't had it or they would request to be their customer, for which a malaysian wp was required, etc....the lady working at the tourist information boot didn't even know what a travel cheque was), so, we called back the embassy explaining that was impossible to get them, with their great surprise (and ours), then Ms Borana told us to get instead a bank draft of 500$ US (which must show the name of the Visa applicant), we insisted to know her name so in case of difficulties at the embassy we could ask of her directly.

We then went to a local bank called MayBank which provided us with the bank draft after we pay them in malaysian cash (they only accept cash for this, no cards allowed), went back to the embassy the following day, just to be told by the senior member of staff serving everyone ( a guy in his middle 20's which was looking and acting kind of histerycal, surrounded by another 4-5 people in their early 20's which were just looking or passing by some sheets of paper at their best) that the documentation provided was insufficient and that the information we got on the phone from them (about the bank draft) was wrong, just like that, ah ah :D , he then say that we must get photocopies of the bank book(compulsory), even if it was not updated, and of the bank draft, after which he accepted the form.

We collected the Visa on monday, on the moment of collection an employee was telling everyone to just queue up without taking a ticket from the machine, but people were still taking them anyway....

The wrong information they are giving is creating havoc has people are not returned their ticket number and just continually show up without a ticket again, 2 guys were having a hot argument about this as it was looking like someone was just jumping the queue....i taked the risk to calm them down explaining the situation as the embassy staff was not showing up any sign of interest about it

On the way back we decided to get the money back from the bank draft so we went into another branch of MayBank, the staff firstly told us to stay on the queue and wait on front of the door number 9, when we realize the door was holding a big "CLOSE" sign we challenged the staff again, which at first didn't know what was happening, then they told us to wait there again.

Once inside the small office behind the door 9, the lady inside told us it was the wrong till and we had to go(outside again) to the one next to it.....which just told us couldn't change it and after 10 minutes a senior member of the staff told us to go to the issuing branch.

At the issuing branch they say we had to wait minimum 4 to 5 days before we would be able to cash it in, but they guaranteed we could change it in Thailand instead, so that's what we did, Kasikorn Bank charged straight away more than 300 Bahts(and also about 30 Malaysian Ringits had been charged for the issuing of the BD) but as far as i have been told, the money to be credited back have still to arrive.

List of documents provided:

1) Applicant Passport

2) Applicant Pictures (just 2, passport picture size with white background)

3) Copy of (Thai)Marriage Certificate (unsigned)

4) Copy of front and back of Thai Wife ID Card (signed by wife in Thailand)

5) Copy of Wife's Blue Book (the home book, still signed by wife back in Thailand)

6) Copy of All Pages of the Bank Book (even if not updated, copies not signed, being told application wouldn't be accepted without it)

7) Copy of Bank Draft (500$ US, unsigned, must be under the name of the Visa applicant, also these photocopies didn't need to be signed)

Hope this can help, good luck all.

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Correct, Multi Entry Non Immigrant "O" based on having a thai wife, cost 550RM (for Single Entry 220RM), to be collected on the following day in the afternoon (if there is a week-end, public holidays or whatever else in between then it would take longer off coarse).

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