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Chocolate Loses Out...


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Given a choice between great sex every week for five years and free chocolate every week for five years, U.S. women pick sex by a 73% to 27% margin. But by a considerably higher margin women choose a lump sum of $1,000 in cash over the weekly chocolate -- 91% to 9% -- according to a new tracking survey by Saatchi Wellness and Time Inc.


Please note, however, that the option here is for great sex. :D

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even 'I' do not need $1,000 worth of chocolates weekly

so sure, Id take the money too

can buy my own supplies of chocs with that money, and have some to spare

and if i want to indulge in the REALLY REALLY expensive type every now and then, it would still not exceed the average 1000$ a week

its a no brainer really :D

oh wait HAHHAA i did wonder are these survey people stupid or something. the survey just didnt make sense. so i went back and read, $1,000 lump sum HAHA

well if over 5 years, at least in my case, it would make more sense to choose chocolates over the cash

plus, I could then maybe start a business, selling the chocolates that I do not eat (again this all depends on what their idea of 'supplies' is) 1 chocolate bar a day? quality chocolate?

5 bars a week?

and pralines on the weekends?

chocolate fondue at easter?

life-sized choc Santa with his reindeer at Christmas?

chocolate fountains at New Year's?

one can dream :)

(sorry SBK distracting from your point, but you should know...there is only one aspect Im capable of commenting on hehe)

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