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Iphone 4 In Thailand, Costs


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I am looking for what the real costs are for an iPhone in Thailand. Would it be cheaper to buy an iPhone in the US and then bring it to Thailand or just to purchase it there? What are the monthly fees. As I would want to use my iPhone as my only telephone, a limit of only so many minutes per day would be useless. Is there an unlimited talking time feature and what would that cost? I would also want unlimited texting as well. Any real advice and information on this would be worthwhile. I need personal experience there as I have seen some of the ads over there and they just confuse me.

Thank you very much.

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actualy .. the iphone promotions are quite moderate arround here

i bought 2 Iphones here ... one with contract and anotherone without .. sadly both of them not for myself, because the pricing plans already would safe me easy 1000 baht/month just because the special deal comes with the iphone 4 if you get it from DTAC.

as example, normally unlimited internet gonna cost you about 900 Baht, buying the ipphone 4 .. and sign the promotion for 6 months, you get the phone about 2000 baht cheaper AND a discount of the internet charges by 500 baht every month ..

well since you not use this features (but you will soon .. )

just buy one of the shelf .. like any other phone ...

there is basically nothing different as with the ones you buy some place else .. since the Operating system is anyway everywhere the same ...

(change the core language is same way done as on any Mac OS Device ... with just a few clicks/tabs)

well okay, if your Money comes from the US ... you probably cheaper getting it there .. since the currency exchange rate is terrible at this moment.

if not then take a look here: http://www.dtac.co.th/iphone/plan/index-en.html

its very straight forward ... no chain contracting

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I bought my iPhone in Thailand, it's factory unlocked so no worries about Jailbreaks, unlocks and voided warranties. I found the best deals are in post pay plans but that usually requires a long term visa or work permit. Haven't found any unlimited plans but there are plans that make talking cheap. Remember, only the party who initiates the call pays in Thailand, not both as in the US.

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