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Ie Users Have Lower Iq Than Users Of Other Web Browsers [Study]


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Hoax or not it would only be logical, if you have a lower IQ you're probably less likely to know that alternatives exist, and you'd keep using what came with the computer, which is IE.

That's the whole thing about IE market share, if it was due to merit only it would be in the low single digits, but seeing as it's pre-installed on all windows machines it's really surprising its share is as small as it is.

Not that I really care... I had to use IE recently to access some crappy corporate intranet - it's shockingly bad. At least they recently upgraded it to work with IE7...

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I just did some quick research on the internet. From the results, logically, if you do not use a Mac computer with a browser other than IE, you are not as smart as someone that uses a Mac with a browser other than IE. So much for logic.


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