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Rimping Just Won The Lottery 161M Gbp


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i saw a piece of matuska and or kobe beef in the frozen section for 26000 baht. now isnt that around 500 quid for a small piece of steak. once youve goyt ur cheeses and top wines. I get that srange sense of wanting to nick it. whats that called. i cant be arsed to look it up. i get the same feeling in the cool fridge at mae sai where you see romanee de contee wines at around 380K Baht per bottle. but the real question is is anyone buying this stuff the cheeses the wines the beef. and if they are aRE they enjoying them anymore thean me with my beef trimmings, my tasty cheese my mont clair.? not sure.

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Yes, it really is top quality, better than anything else you can buy around here.

If you want the best, you got to spend some, that's just the way it is. If you're happy with less, then that's fine too.

So.. 'up to you' I guess?

Almost there.

The phrase is "up you".

It applies to anyone who admits they "can't be arsed", and don't know how to use capitals to start sentences.

No disrespect to non-native English speakers intended at all. Here we have a so-called native who, well, just "can't be arsed" to get it right.

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OP, when you recover from your hangover, do let us know what you were drinking last night at Gekko Garden. Judging from your bizarre posts last night, I'll guess Pernod? Absinthe? Mezcal maybe? If not, then clearly your drinks were spiked! :blink:

lao khao?

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