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It can even be the same business day - depending on which bank you are using and how the SWIFT instruction is given.

On 2 occasions I have received funds the same day (Halifax online to Kasikorn) but usually it is the next day.

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24 hours would be fairly normal --- maybe 48 on occasion.

Thanks, do you know the process


Basically yes, but I am not an expert.

The funds are best transferred as Sterling and Kasikorn will convert ---- your bank in England will charge too much for converting into baht and then transferring.

Find out what is called the corresponding bank for Kasikorn in England. Any Kbank branch should be able to tell you this.

Instruct your bank in England to route the swift transaction via the Kbank corresponding bank in England. This will save you deductions, using the banks normal routes, which could go almost anywhere, and incur charges along the way.

If your money does not appear after 3 days, inquire about what is called a tracker from your bank in England. This will find your money, where it has been blocked/stopped etc. ---- your English bank should then be able to unblock.

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Does anyone know how long it takes to transfer money from England to kasikorn bank via swift?

Usually 24Hrs except weekends or Bank Holidays. (providing you can do it online)

Who do you bank with? Different banks different charges, some allow online transfers some do not.

Always transfer in Sterling you get a better rate over here.

I use the Nationwide to Kasikorn certainly not the cheapest but have had no hassle to date.

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Kasikorn's correspondent banks in the UK for GBP are Lloyds TSB, Bank of America, Barclays, American Express, Standard Chartered - each will want to hold your funds as long as possible but figure sub 24 hours for a transfer to Thailand, if you pay enough money you can have it in a couple of hours! Big sigh.

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