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Post Tension Cable Slab Foundation

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Post-tensioning as the name suggests means introducing stress into concrete elements when the concrete has been poured and cured to 3/4 design strength.

It is not suitable for thin slab resting on soil as the slab cannot shortened after stressing due to friction with the soil. An upper floor concrete slab also cannot be post-tensioned when cast near to massive inflexible vertical elements like large columns or shear walls for the same reason.

In addition, structural support bearing the load from many floors and using post tension system (eg. transfer beams) have to be stressed progressively as the upper floors are constructed. Introducing the full design stress without the imposing loads will cause the support to buckle and fail.

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Thanks guys, I am a little confused about it not working on dirt though, this appears to be the modern common method in Texas which has a high water table similar to Thailand and these house are on the dirt.

I presume this is just as advanced method of the common free floating slab that uses re-ho steel rods.

I presume it needs well settle and well compacted soil under it to stop the whole house from being the "Leaning House of Thailand". laugh.gif

Thanks for your input. rolleyes.gif

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