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Songthaew To Airport?


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I found an old thread asking about taxi service from a home near CMU to the airport. I'm in the same area, but am a little nervous about arranging for a taxi over the phone and I'm also worried that they won't be able to find my location as I'm not staying in a well known place. So my question is - if I flag down a sonthaew on Huay Kaew (west of Canal Rd), is the airport somewhere they would go? I rarely see tuk tuks around here, and I've not seen t a taxi stand in the area either. Or... should I just call a taxi service be confident they'll show up? Thanks in advance for any help!

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My experience is a Songthaew will go pretty much anywhere you want for the right price. I've taken them nearly as far as Hang Dong when my car was in the shop. 100 Baht usually works for that distance with no passenger pickup on the way. May have to stop 2 or 3 to find one that agrees, but usually not long.

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You should be able to find a song thaew near CMU easily during daylight hours and early evening. As I recall, with the previous post about calling a meter taxi to go to the airport, the OP was leaving quite early in the morning and it was during songkran. Definitely a situation where calling a taxi made sense.

Yes, you should be able to negotiate a price of 60 or even 40 baht for a trip to the airport, provided you're willing to wait until you find a driver willing to make that trip. An initial offer of 100 baht, especially if spoken in Thai, will cause the driver to realize you want to go directly to the airport and not take a scenic tour of the city while the driver looks for other passengers. Be sure to make this offer to an empty songthaew, not one with existing passengers.

Once I was the only passenger in a songthaew when two tourists got on, asking to go the airport, which wasn't very close to where I was going. It was evident from his routing that the driver intended to drop me off first. The couple were in a panic about how long it would take to make the journey, so I stopped the song thaew and told the driver I wasn't in a hurry, please go to the airport first, to help the couple. I was rewarded with an invitation to sit up front with the driver, in air conditioned comfort, and the couple were very grateful that I got the song thaew there faster because they didn't have the Thai language skills to explain they were in a hurry.

Moral of the story: Allow yourself lots of time if you plan to take a song thaew to the airport (or train and bus stations, too).

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I was rewarded with an invitation to sit up front with the driver, in air conditioned comfort

Nice of you Nancy. As for the front seat, I often just plop myself in and they seem happy to have me up front for a chat. Of course that can be a negative as I got into one with someone looking like Carabao and off he went about the police, the government, politics etc. :D To be honest though, his straight forwardness was refreshing and learned a bit.

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