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I already have 28 day tourist Visa. When I applied for it, I submitted my travel plans. Now it looks like I will be extending my stay beyond what I submitted in the application (I will still not be overstaying the Visa). I know this is a non-issue for most other countries, especially since the Visa is supposed to be good for 28 days anyway. I was just wondering if this will be a problem in Myanmar, that my stay does not match my application. I have e-mailed the embassy but they have not responded.

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you can extend it easily in rangoon immigration head office...or ask an agent for extending as long business visa

I seriously doubt it will be a problem. I've travelled to Myanmar many times, rarely follow the itinerary I've set out to follow.

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I once was arrested while my visa was already run out. (the reason for the arrest was something else)

After long interrogations at Mandalay immigration they came up with the fact that I was on overstay, but that was no serious issue, I was released and told to pay the 3 - Dollar per day fine at the airport when leaving the country.

Which I did, no problems there

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