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In Bangkok Where To Go For Driving License?

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I only would like to know, where does one go for a Thai Driving License in Bangkok not Pattaya?


Good Guy

Depends on your place of residence. means the address certified by your embassy. If you state your address on Sukhumvit Road, it's out on Sukh, about 2 km before the left turn to Bagna. Other areas? There are 4 or 5 different offices, I believe.

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Really doesn't depend on your place of residence. The main issuing authority is the

Thai Department of Lands and Transport in Pahonyatin soi 18 it also has an entrance in Pahonyatin itself.

The easiest way is to get a taxi to soi 18, and go in the back way. The building block that you require is the first one on the left, that also does new car registrations. Make your way to the third floor, and turn left. You will see the issuing counters there. As you walk in you will find a desk with some ladies behind it, ask them for a form, and for ten baht they will fill it out for you in Thai, then proceed to the issuing window.

For a first Thai driving licence you will need the following documents:-

A current medical cetificate issued by a qualified doctor or hospital.

A letter from the Thai Immigration Department indicating your address OR

A letter from you own Embassy/Consulate indicating the same.

A current overseas driving licence from a recognised country. (not Botswana)

A copy of your passport and visa page (must have non imm visa, tourist is not acceptable) and the original passport.

Two one inch recent photos, or ones that can be trimmed to one inch.

Make sure you have ALL original documents with you. You may be required to take an eyesight test and a colour test for your first licence.

The cost is 105 baht for one year, after the first year you can apply for a five year licence.

I have been doing this for the last twenty years, and it's just another one of those yearly chores that make living in the kingdom SO wonderful

Maejo Man

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