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Hey, I'm thinking of driving to Northern Thailand exploring, while I'm there ill do my visa run into Myanmar? Firstly do you think it's viable? Secondly I think it's a cheaper alternative to flying to Vietnam. Just wondered how hard it is to get a visa? How much?

Cheers dan

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Hi Dan,

Yes, viable to do a visa run into Myanmar. Have a search through the topics here - but also look in the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai forums, as there are often posts about doing visa runs into Myanmar in those sections.

If you are just planning to go across the border for a visa run (ie not planning to travel overland through Myanmar, but straight back out again) - then you will not need to get a Myanmar visa before you hit the border.

If you are planning to travel into/through Myanmar beyond the border, then you will need to apply for a Myanmar visa from the embassy in Bangkok prior to leaving for the border. See the pinned topics in this section for further info.

If you do need to get a Myanmar visa from the embassy in Bangkok - see this topic here: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/622187-visa-from-bkk-update/

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