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SN Restaurant and Music in Phnom Penh


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The guesthouse I'm staying in is right next to Sorya Shopping Centre in Phnom Penh. Down that road there's a restaurant called SN Restaurant and Music. It's all lit up but you can't see inside. I walked in thinking it was just a normal restaurant and in the lobby there were more than 20 women all dressed up sitting on the sofas. I thought, this is Thailand all over again and did a u-turn and walked back out.

Question - because I'm too scared to find out myself. Is this a legit restaurant? No funny business? Cuz there were a hell of a lot of bikes outside so it seems popular.

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Your initial instincts were correct. Only in Cambodia this sort of place is potentially more dangerous than its Thai equivalent.

You are not in the best part of town for restaurants other than local fare and Chinese. Head towards the riverfront.

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Yea, more than likely a Karaoke Bar, or restaurant with live music...but in not in the western sense as such. But don't confuse it with the brothels of Thailand.

You can pay for one of the girls to be your "date" for the evening if you wish, they top up your drinks, sing songs, look pretty on your arm, etc. No funny business is actually allowed on premise, but once you decide to leave, then you can negotiate with the girl if you want her to come with you. These places are frequented mostly by Khmer, and other Asians, although it is not unusual for westerners to be taken to K bars for business meetings.

If you had walked in alone, you probably would've been considered a lost tourist and politely denied entrance...unless you looked wealthy, lol.

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20 women all dressed up an you really need to ask LOL laugh.png

Riverfront has the most expensive western oriented restaurants in Phnom Penh, ( KFC included)

Head to street 172 and try the Blue Dolphin

over to street 104 at the Pickled Parrot for some very tasty western food and one of the best pool tables in PP

Sharkies bar (upstairs) street 130 for good Thai/Western/Mexican

lonestar off sreet 172

Rorys pub on street 178

Local street food around Kandal market

and the list goes on and on

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