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Onions, garlic and chives

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You can buy quite nice onions here but I have so far been unable to find any seeds. I smuggled in some seeds and sowed them towards the end of the rainy season. They are doing nicely although they seem a bit small, as per foto attached (thinning out). We have a nice light soil now after much work so ideal for onions and company.

So, apart from the fact that I need to feed them more (I was a bit leery of over feeding at the beginning), I am wondering why nobody seems to cultivate from seeds, are they going to be struck down by some dread disease? My wife just buys onion sets.

I also tried with smuggled in European garlic, growing great guns in comparison to the Thai stuff that we tried before and seemed to be smaller after three months than when I planted them.

Chives? Same thing, going great from seed.

The bunching onions that we also started recently hardly seem worth while.

So why no cultivation from seeds?

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The germanition of the seed requires cooler tempertures. The cool weather growing season is not that long for growig the crops to desired maturity, if you add on the germination time from seed planting. This and add in the labor/facilities for germination, etc, the sets are what mody opt for.

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