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Growing brahmi (bacopa monnieri) - where to buy seeds/plants

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Brahmi is a herb that has several interesting characteristics, for example it has been proven helpful in improving memory in the elderly (one likely mechanism is by inhibiting acetylcholineesterase, an enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine), reducing the build-up of beta-amyloid plaque (beta-amyloid accumulation is observed in Alzheimer's disease), acts as a mild anxiolytic and contains antioxidants. It has a reasonably long history of usage within the Ayurvedic system.

As with many herbs, research is limited, but its claimed effects are more properly tested than many other herbs with claimed beneficial effects, and no major side effects have been seen at normal doses.

It's cheap enough to buy over the Internet, and it looks like the Thai government is starting commercial production of this herb, so it's not difficult to get hold of, but as I like to 'roll my own', I'd like to get my hands on some plants and add them to my kitchen garden. One such reason is that this plant can accumulate impurities in the environment, so I'd feel safer growing and preparing my own extract - and it's fun. :)

Does anyone know a place in Thailand that sells Brahmi seeds or plants? Preferably in Chiang Mai / The North.

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I have look at various herbs and never heard of this one so this is the link Google gave me, http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/ayurvedic-herb-improves-memory-cognition-and-alzheimers

I had heard about coconut oil being effective the link also gives other research results. Asked the wife but she has never heard of it even the Thai version, ผักมิ (Phak mi), พรมมิ (Phrommi) in Thai, "Don't Know" maybe PMT, she usually knows everything.

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As it is in use as aquarium plan you might have luck in a well stocked pet shop - in Udon we only have one which has it from time to time but it normally is the first plant to disappear due to rotting as it is cultivated above the water and then put under water...



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Did you get your hands on a Brahmi (พรมมิ) plant ?
If not, let me know, I might be able to get that for you.  :)

Brahmi (พรมมิ) is grown in commercial level these days but very suitable for your kitchen garden too :D

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