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What's the history behind 9-18 holes.


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really sorry for asking a question just thought it would be interesting

I wont bother again

Keep bothering. Don't worry about the grouches.

As for me, I enjoyed reading about the history behind 18 holes.

I had always heard the story abut a bottle of scotch whiskey only having 18 shots in it and then they had to retire to the pub, but I never really believed it.

Having played the Old Course many times, a couple of interesting facts about it are...

There are only two par fives and two par threes.

The par fives are holes numbered 5 and 14, which when added together total 19.

The par threes are holes numbered 8 and 11, which add up to 19 as well.

There are seven double greens, which when you add their numbers together all total 18... (i.e.....2 & 16....3 & 15....4 & 14....5 & 13....6 & 12....7 & 11....8 & 10)

The single greens are holes humbered 1, 9, 17 and 18, which have no mathematical significance whatsoever.

Keep posting, love your avatar.

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I couldn't access the link because I dont know what google is or the internet for that matter

Thanks for the back up though.

and to Puyai next time your having a round and your about 30 yards from the pin lay down on the ground and let someone chip what's on your shoulder .

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