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Thai civic society organizations say no to online lottery


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Civic society organizations say no to online lottery


BANGKOK: -- About 30 civic society organisations today (Wednesday) issued a statement opposing the Government Lottery Office’s plan to introduce online lottery and other lottery products claiming that this new approach will more people to indulge in gambling.

Among the organizations which showed up today to join the campaign against online lottery are the family network, anti-gambling network, anti-gambling new generation youths, foundation of youths for development.

Mr Ramet Srithaptim, coordinator of the organizations, said that the attempts by the National Council for Peace and Order to resolve overpriced lottery problem have not been successful . Instead, he said that the GLO planned to propose amendments to the GLO Act to allow the GLO to introduce online lottery and other lottery products.

The organizations, said Mr Ramet, are against more lottery products and would like to government or the NCPO to reduce the lottery draw to once a month instead of twice but to increase the number of lotteries to be issued per draw to 100 million.

To tackle the lottery overpricing problem, he said that the government or the NCPO should get rid of the quota system for the wholesale lottery buyers and to distribute lottery tickets to more retailers.

Source: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/civic-society-organizations-say-no-online-lottery

-- Thai PBS 2014-12-03

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No, this is absolute false.

Thai people like lottery and other gambling games and the lottery which they got from Gov. is almost Zero.

If they don't get white (5/90, 6/45 etc.) they choose the black, of course this is not so big problem for police and their close friends ..

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They should scrap the current lottery and start from scratch

Nothing but a rip off

40 bant tickets sold for 100

Corrupt from start tot finish

Played a few times when i first came to Thailand

One 2000 baht for last 2 numbers once

Then seller wanted 20% to cash the ticket .. leaving me with 1600

Riddle with corruption and greed

Current system is lose lose lose

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Thailand has the worst lottery I've ever come across, the winnings are minuscule and you don't even get to choose your own numbers, only those that are presented to you.

I agree 100% that the Thai lottery is the worst ever. At Bt110 per ticket you can win up to Bt3 million. In the UK for slightly less money you can win millions of pounds which makes the winnigs here like loose change. Yes do it on line but every one who does has to sign up with a password and put a limit on how much any individual can gamble as it is easy to tack multiple password from the same computer. But first of all make the prizes worth the time to gamble for NOT the measly amount offered on the Thai lottery

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Lottery is gambling pure and simple.

Another hypocrisy in a country where gambling is supposed to be illegal and they pretend to make a big deal out of it.

The real reason they are knocking back an online lottery is to protect the ones already fleecing people for pathetic returns. They fear any competition online will bring, which it would.

Just another example of protecting the status quo.

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Would love online -lottery, more people WOULD play and the prizes might just be higher, but no, it won't happen as you will get all the do gooders complaining about taking away another persons wage, of course this would not have come up if the sellers sold at the correct price ie:- 80 bht instead of 110 IMHO they DESERVE to lose the option as its nothing but Scamming the THAI public

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Amazing to see that some farang actually understand how the Thai lottery works. Only ticket I ever bought was on my first trip, and just kept it for a souvenier. I will stick with a very occasional punt on the Irish lottery online. First go and I won £3.94 for a stake of only £19.20.

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Lottery in Thailand is no longer a question of good influence or bad influence because it has been in existence for many years ;

do not underestimate the mentality of our own people - whether its white collars or blue collars citizens, all of them have had

bought the existing " traditional method " controversial lottery tickets - time to move forward to the digital age, with the

online lottery ( lotto - vending machines ) where almost non-existence of manipulation of draws ( as its computerised ),

every citizen gets to choose their favorite numbers, price are controlled, bigger winning prizes, reduced the black market share,


Look at all the developing countries within our neighbors such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and coming soon, Vietnam,

for years ( except Vietnam ), these countries have had successfully been running the online lottery without eroding the moral

of the people and have contributed vastly to the charity and the betterment of the society.

There will and always be a small fraction of organisation that will oppose the online lottery, which on several occassions,

the Government had bowed to their demands and successful stopping the Government from moving forward with the online lottery

but they don't speak for the majority of us.

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