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WiFi range on 3bb 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Router


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3bb just replaced my old router. Now i got the 3bb 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Router.

It works well, but the WiFi range is a bad joke. The antenna is built in to the device. May be that's the problem. Did someone else recognize the low range too?

Anyway, i connected my old TP-Link router to the 3bb device and use again its WiFi which is much stronger.

But who knows, may be someone did play around with the settings and got better results. So far i choose only another channel.

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I too am bemused. I went for TOT fibre optic 15 mb package with TP-Link router. It has two antennae. Suddenly my laptop no longer gets a signal from outside the room. 2 TOT 'technicians' came and sat patiently for hours. The result,; my laptop now does not receive ANY signal now. They told me I must have a virus on my laptop! Is it possible to add a different/stronger wireless card?

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I believe you'll find quite a few people on the boards complaining about the WiFi performance of the all-in-one modem/router/WiFi units.

Some Internet Providers choose to install using two components, though whether the reason is due to high/frequent service issues or just lack of inventory is not always clear.

mikebell, do you have another device like a smartphone you can use to test WiFi reception. Could be the card in your laptop is failing or the drivers are corrupted.

I also have a TOT 15mb fiber2u service, originally connected using the existing DSL TP-Link WiFi 'G' Router. I Replaced the old TP-Link WiFi with another brand that provided 'N' WiFi and had better signal propagation.

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Download NetSurveyor free program, with NetSurveyor you can see the signal strength, quality and traffic on each channel.

On the first and third pic, you can see that channel 1, 6, and 11 are pretty crowded so try not to use those channels. On pic 2 you can see channel heat (traffic) on each channel, the more red on the channel represent more traffic, channel 1 and 11 are the worst offender so try not to use those channels.

In the RF world, signal strength does not equal signal quality.




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Richcor, thanks for the reply. I have come to the same conclusion. My Samsung is fine. I asked a mate to visit with his laptop which picked up the wi-fi at a distance. Maybe a new card/&/or drivers would be the answer?

If you can, try connecting the laptop directly to your router via Ethernet Cable to get Internet access, then visit the laptop's manufacturer's website and see if there are drivers specific to your laptop model. Download and install them.

If the actual internal WiFi module is bad you may be able to find a like replacement and have it swapped out.

To determine if the physical card is bad try downloading and running a linux LIVE distro, as they usually detect the hardware in real-time on boot -- if it boots and you can access the Internet under linux then you can focus your attention on the OS or Drivers as your original issue.

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