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Head lice infestations severe at schools in Yala


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Head lice infestations severe at schools in Yala

YALA, 12 December 2014 (NNT) – Rangers from the Yala task force of the 47th Rangers Regiment are battling not only insurgents, but also the lice infestations at many schools in Yala province.

Female rangers from the 47th Rangers Regiment have been visiting schools in Yaha district and Kabang district of Yala and taking with them lice shampoo and other pharmaceuticals to combat head lice found on many female students.

Second Lieutenant Wilat Intharat, head of one of the units being sent to tackle the lice problem at schools, said almost all female student in Kabang and Yaha districts have head lice. Her unit has serviced hundreds of lice-afflicted students at more than 20 schools in the two districts.

Phetnapha Chaicharat, assistant director of Samakkhi School in Yaha district, said almost all female students at the school have lice. The school was being serviced by the rangers unit for the second time. She said the school is seeking to brief parents on the care of their children's hygiene so the lice do not return.

-- NNT 2014-12-12 footer_n.gif

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