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Xiaomi Mi4


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LAZADA.com has the Xiaomi Mi-4: 16GB B13,400, 64GB B18,100. These are labeled as "Imported" on their website...not sure if that effects warranty or not. I've had no problems purchasing numerous items from Lazada and no problem returning one item that I felt was not as advertised. On these phones they are saying 5 to 7 days delivery. They have never been late on anything I've ordered.

MBK sucks. They will overcharge you any way they can.

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the 64gb model would be the way to go if no SD card slot and that puts it a bit out of my range. I just don't like spending that much om a phone usually, plus, will the OS be updated to 5.0 or similar? still would like to see one, I'll be at MBK tomorrow will look around.

I can usualy do pretty well at MBK, but yeah, not always the best place to buy.

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