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Where to buy custom made coffee tables


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I have almost completed furnishing my condo and am currently trying to find a shop (In Bangkok) that is able to provide me with a custom made, glass topped, coffee and side table to my own size specifications.

Years ago it was easy but now I am unable to find anyone.

If any of you guys have any suggestions (Shop/website) I would be grateful.

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I have just placed an order with Good Rich Furniture. They are at Jatujak, Soi 5, Zone B. I met a young man there who was quite professional and friendly. They do made to order furniture and I'm pretty sure coffee and side tables would be right up their street. As I don't have my order yet, I can only comment on quality of communication on which they score very highly. They do have some furniture on display. Email [email protected] Phone 081 552 6015 ( Mr. Puerto Pae. Please mention Mr Ian in Korat recommend them if you make contact. Good luck.

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I had a small low coffee table (not glass topped, cant be a*sed to keep cleaning glass) made 8 years ago by one of those small furniture shops on Sukhumvit Road near Phrom Phong BTS (opposite side from Emporium). It was the shop that makes small size furniture for children's rooms etc.

Unfortunately the first one they made was with a highly knotted selection of woods, so the light wood was covered in dark splodges. I refused to accept it so they made me a nicer one which I still have.

Not sure if the shop is still there.

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