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4-poster mozzie net: Import tax fraud, so where to buy in LoS?


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I ordered this item off Ebay from a Chinese company:


It is a lacy mosquito net AND the 4-poster steel frame, so that it can be placed over a non-4-poster, king-size bed.

I hope to put these in my hotel guest rooms, and so I ordered one of them (3,000 baht), so that I could test the look/feel/installation etc. If all ok, then I'd order about 18 more of them.

Unfortunately, the Chinese supplier sent the product via a courier delivery service, not via ChinaPost EMS. So my mozzie net fell into the hands of the corrupt shipping company in Thailand who now advise me that I have to pay a 95% import tax....

I'm well-used to these import tax corrupt 'scams'. The correct import tax (checked HS code etc on the Thai Customs database) for a mozzie net is 10%, plus 7% sales tax.

I have advised the shipping company to either charge me the correct tax or to shove the mozzie net up their backside, because I will not play their silly games.

Since it seems that I will be unable to order further products from China, I need to try to source them from inside Thailand.

So.... does anyone know where I can buy this type of product in Thailand? Any suggestions mucho appreciated.

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