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GOOD INFO TR visa 1 year multi coming soon cost only 3000b

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I think the info is a bit misleading. They are talking about a multiple entry tourist visa which does not exist now they are issued by the number of entries.

A Google translate of the article mentions they cost 2000 baht now which would be a 2 entry tourist visa and that the new one year would be 3000 baht that is a 3 entry tourist visa. Perhaps a tourist visa with a one year validity is what they are writing about but if was a 3 entry visa it would not be any better than what you can get now.

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rolleyes.gif As ubonjoe points out there is no such thing as a multi entry tourist visa.

Tourist visas only come in single entry, double entry, or triple entry now.

In my humble opinion, if the article doesn't show they know that elementary fact ..... then the people starting that rumor lack credibility.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I'll withhold belief for now until I see more reliable info.

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Seriously?! I guess most foreigners in Thailand spend 10-20k THB just for visas every year, now 1 year for 3k THB. They will NEVEN do that!

They obviously see much more to it. This will attract tourists to stay longer, and spend more money while in Thailand. Buying motorbikes is mentioned as one thing, and much more. It will also attract more tourists imo, even if officials are not sure of that. I believe it will, more people will choose Thailand as their destination, if they could get these multiple (4?) tourist visas, and stay one year at the time.

Neighboring countries has gotten their share of tourists moving from Thailand, now I am not surprised if this will make them consider coming back.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs are reported to have submitted a proposal to the NLA to allow all foreign visitors to Thailand the ability to apply for a “Multiple Visa”.

The new visa class would allow tourists to stay for up to six months for a fee of 2,000 baht or for a period of up to one year at a cost of 3,000 baht.

The details of the visa have yet to be revealed but the Ministry is hoping that the NLA will approve the proposal before Chinese New Year next month.

The Association of Thai Travel Agents believes that while the project would definitely help facilitate tourists’ stay, they are unsure if it would actually bring more visitors to Thailand.

It should be noted that this is nothing more than a proposal at this time and government departments submit many ideas that never get rubber stamped, most recently the New Year alcohol ban.


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