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Street photography tips


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If these comments or the rework are againt the forum protocol, just say something and I'll delete them.

No harm meant.

Hello Lewthetraveler,

No need to delete your comment,I really appreciate you taking the time,effort and your constructive criticism.

Saying that though, would of maybe been better to ask first if it was okay to actually edit and post the image,no harm done though.

Regarding your comments on my pics.

First one,totally agree about the vignetting.....way over board.I really liked the mother and child but the background was so cluttered

that it over powered the main subjects.My inexperience dealt with it the easiest way I knew how.Hence the heavy vignetting.

Second image,I really understand what you mean about trying to tell more of a story with the regards to the homeless looking guy.

My first reaction when I saw him was captivation.he looked almost trance like.I didn't think about anything apart from capturing that

gaze.I just dropped down to one knee and framed him up,and so what you see in that image I posted is not far from the frame I actually

shot,at the very most I must of only been 6ft away from him.In hindsight,taking the shot from the other side of the street would of maybe

been better.None the less,I am still happy with the shot took,a humbling reminder of how lucky I am and the life I have.

Third shot,yup......miles better.......only problem for me is now,I can't see anything apart from the white blob now.Again,a beginners mistake.

I greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me,and after looking on your website (which is I believe state side) I really hope that you

have some Thai based shots and that you are willing to post them on our forum.



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For street photograph and shooting "candid" shots of people,

Couldn't do that method myself,I prefer to have camera in hand and go walk about.

Am sure you have captured some interesting moments though,any chance of you sharing any of them with us?

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I will certainly ask in advance next time.

In regards editing.

Our brain does a lot of editing when we see a situation but the camera catches what is there.

While actually taking pictures is difficult enough, it is even more difficult to look at the image that results and understand how to make it so it is perceived by others in the same way you see it in your own mind's eye.

If you would care to send me - or post a link to - a high resolution version of your first picture, I might be able to point out some ways to get to a different result.

My email is [email protected]

I have started a thread for un-themed pictures of Thailand - usually of people at http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/862502-un-themed-street-photographs/

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My first Tip, here we go

The fishing method, though it has nothing to do with fishing, lol

basically I look for a place with good composition, be it good light, nice lines etc, negative space, or what ever composition we can get from where we are.

I will work that space and find out the limits of where I wanna be to make the shot.

I will pre focus my camera on the distance I wanna shoot.

Then its just a case of waiting for something to happen within the area worth shooting, a rule people will avoid walking towards you so you need to mask the fact that you are going to be shooting them, I guess thats the trick.

Sometimes it works very well other times not so much^^

A couple years ago I gave this exact same advice on the LP Thorntree forum in a thread on street photography in Thailand and was torn to pieces by BMs accusing me of treating Thais like "inanimate objects"...lol

Second Tip would be to get up close, I have been out with many photographers who feel shy I guess, I like to be more aggressive and get up there in close and personel^^

I was up shooting on Soi Cowboy last week 4 guys took a dislike to me photographing them and all surrounded me, demanded I delete the images, though I just tell them to get the <deleted> away from me.

I never delete a shot or give in to being bullied etc

You don't say if these 4 guys were Thai or farang, but I found out long ago it's very risky shooting around nightlife and redlight areas, many such photos end up on the internet or in books and magazines and married guys can get into serious trouble from their spouses.

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One Of My FAV Pieces Of Auxiliary Equipment:

A Good Monopod.

I can get steadier shots with a Monopod, when I don't want to lug-around a tripod.

There's a Monopod with three collapsible legs, turning it into a tripod. I've never tried it.

It's also good to ward-off the occasional "Soi Dogs".

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