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How Long To Drive From Hat Yai To Penang?

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to drive (not bus, car)

If you not driving a bus or car am unsure. A taxi usually makes the trip in about 3 1/2 hours as I recall (remember you lose an hour when you travel from Thailand to Malaysia so on the clock will be 4 1/2 hours later). Do not speed in Malaysia. Border procedures usually only take a few minutes.

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I have driven it three times.

The road on the Malaysia side is very good.

Take the bridge not the ferry as it is obviously quicker.

Takes about 3half hours as Lopburi said.

On the way back I seem to recall having to stop at three road toll booths

so make sure you have some ringgts left.

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Sorry I am straying from the subject a little bit, and yes I could probably find the answers to my questions by using the search function, but could anyone tell me:

1) Would a Thai drivers licence be OK to drive down to Penang, or would one need an (authenticated?) translation or even an international drivers licence?

2) What about additional insurance needed to drive in Malaysia?

Thanks in advance, K.

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Cannot answer Q1, I drove down on an International

To be legal you must buy 3rd party insurance which you can get at the border. Sorry forgotten how much it was for one month cover but guess 1000 baht should cover it.

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