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Siem Reap scooter rental


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Is it possible to rent a scooter while in SR?

If so can anyone recommend somewhere to rent?

Do the police hassle you for money etc?


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It depends on which way the wind is blowing as to whether you can rent a scooter in Siem Reap; sometimes it's OK and sometimes it's strictly enforced that you cannot. The best place to ask where to rent one from is an expat bar such as Charlie's or Picasso's - you'll also get the information you need to decide whether it's worth the hassle.

The police only hassle you for breaking the law on Cambodia's roads. Fines are, however, pitiful and they last all day (so if you get a $5 fine for not wearing a helmet; you get a free pass until midnight to keep doing so) most other fines are much less. Traffic coppers are generally friendly and not looking to ruin your day; they will even let you drive off and visit an ATM to pay the fine (by yourself - but do go back and pay; it's a bad idea to upset police anywhere in the developing world).

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