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Feasibility of University Degree Studies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Falang

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Re ; Feasibility of University Degree Studies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for Falang


I am interested in getting an actual bachelor degree which is economically feasible for my quite limited budget.

Thus, I hope to get insight in this thread from recent & current Falang students on bachelor degree programs at  universities in Phom Phen, Cambodia.


Some question that immediately spring to mind are :



possible universities ?


recommended universities ?


costs ?


duration of course studies ?


attendance options :


Part-Time ?


Full-Time ?


Distance-learning by :


hard-copy correspondence ?

& / or


online correspondence ?


choice of particular degree ?


"Education Degree ?


language medium ?


pre-conditions imposed on prospective Falang student ?


overall standard of the teaching ?


student-student interaction experience ?


typical percentage, or number, of Falangs in such a course ?


overall impression of this education experience ?


Short answer to each question is fine.


I am currently in Thailand.


Thanking you in advance,


Out Man in the Tropics

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If by "an actual Bachelor's Degree" you mean one that would be accepted internationally -- or even anywhere outside of Cambodia --  such a thing cannot be obtained in Cambodia. Full stop.


Ditto if you mean something with instruction at a level/quality that one would normally associate with a college education.  The quality  of education here is extremely low. A number of private universities have opened with the hope of providing something close to international standard of education but they were forced to dumb down their curriculla and lower standards because  the  incoming students had  such substandard high school preparation - and the high schools in turn have to deal with the quality of the primary schooling people coming in with.


It is better than in the past but it still has a very long way top go before it would remotely make sense for anyone planning to work anywhere other than Cambodia itself, to study here. Even within Cambodia, the best positions go to people who got a degree elsewhere...which anyone who can afford to, does.


There are possibilities in Thailand, though. Look into the Mahidol University International College.

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Thanks for the helpful reply Sheryl.

All such information is welcome for to decide what is the lay of the ground.


There is no way that I could afford any degree course in Thailand thought through English language.

Hence, my enquiry about Cambodian option.


I regret to report that I have a very low opinion of all universities worldwide when it comes to modern day literature based degrees.

A literature based degree will only be as good as how talented & self-educated & motivated the student is ; IMHO

So, a Cambodian university that makes a decent effort to propel the student along & which has a good syllabus & which has good set-exams should be good enough.

I would not need a teacher for such a degree.

For such a course, just give me the books & the exam guidance.

Re ; a business degree, it may be the case that personally I would not need tuition either ;

Thus also, just give me the books & the exam guidance


Crucially, the ASEAN angle should mean that certain degrees got from universities in Cambodia -- & most likely Phnom Penh -- should be 100 % recognised in ASEAN ?



Recognised as being acceptable now ?


Recognised as being acceptable in very near future ; And, it being the case also for degrees achieved prior ?


A rapidly acquired degree -- thought online & with digital course material & with sit-down exam at official venue -- in business or education or literature would be of most interest to me now.

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" good syllabus & which has good set-exams " you will not find in Cambodia.


And, as I have tried to explain, the degree will be essentially worthless. Even in Cambodia it does not count for much and a foreigner with such a degree would be looked at with considerable disdain. It will not help you get a job, anywhere.


If what you are after is knowledge/skills, not employment prospects, then why not self educate? If what you are after is a degree that counts for something on the marketplace, then you will need to look elsewhere.


BTW tuition costs at private Cambodian universities is not that low.


If you can tolerate 4 years in a no-alcohol, religious environment, Mission College in Thailand is quite affordable.



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Yes, I should clarify that I my main reason to obtain degree is so as to have legitimate Bachelor Degree certificate to facilitate me with employment or other. 


What I really need, & deserve 8-), & want, is a "very quick" [ 1 year max ;  Sure, why not according to the ability + prior learning [ not necessarily including Credits for prior tertiary education awards ] of the student ] AND "very cheap" ; THB 20,000 approx. max. perhaps[ cheap economies should ==> cheap course cost ] AND "approved for ASEAN" legitimate degree that was pursued through online assignments & digital course material & recommended books & final exam & submission of thesis.


I just had a quick look at Mission College, Bangkok ;

Bachelor Degree programs there appear to be very well designed.

But, the duration & costs are not feasible for me.

I also did not notice "online distance education" as program mode.

If that is really so ;

==> another reason that I would not be able to consider Mission College henceforth.

Still, I think that a total cost of THB 180,000 for International / English Language course transmission of Bachelor Degree program is very good value compared to Thai government universities.

I think that Ramkhanheng University would cost 2 x, or 3 x, that amount.


So, we having dismissed universities in Cambodia as contenders to fulfill my requirements, do u think I should be searching for university in :

Thailand ?

Laos ?

Myanmar ?

some other country ?

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Forget Laos and Myanmar for same reason as Cambodia.

I do not think either your budget or timeframe is remotely realistic.

You could look into India and the Philippines but these are highly unlikely to be as cheap as you have in mind. I don't think anywhere is.

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I'm curious, as you are evidently without a degree, how you've come to have a "very low opinion of all universities worldwide". Is it simply because they don't offer what you "really need & deserve"; ie, cheap and fast?

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Many thanks Sheryl for all ur kind diligence in considering feasible options, vis-a-vis my specifications, for me in ASEAN & thereabouts .

Despite what is thus far nil positive results, it is still very valuable information gleaned, & I will keep inquiring because ;

Online Programs should be designed to accomplish 1 year degree in :

most of the typical humanities fields

most of the typical business fields.

If they do not exist presently ;

==> there is golden business AND academic opportunity there for entrepreneur + educationalist to fulfill this market need with worthy product.


Again, much thanks Sheryl

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Obtaining a degree in one year isn't as hard as it sounds but... it does usually require "accreditation of prior-learning" which can be a mix of self-assessment style stuff and/or previous educational experiences. However, it's never cheap (a 1 year-degree obtained in this way costs pretty much the same as a 3 year degree elsewhere).


There is no university in the world offering a 1 year crammer degree which would be taken seriously by employers or governments of this world. The cheapest degrees of any value require a program of 3-4 year's study in Germany, Norway, etc. (these degrees are free of charge to non-citizens of these countries though living costs aren't cheap).  

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Thank u TheSiamReaper for helpful reply ;

Apologies for my delay in responding ;

I did not sign in for some weeks ;

Only just now did I get notification of ur reply.


I have switched my focus now to gaining very cheap [ cost-wise ] quick degree of readily international acceptance pursued as online course studies only but with end of course "seated" exam at consulate or associated examination centre  in ASEAN perhaps.

British Open University quality, but for "free" ;

Unlike the British Open University can do for me a non-UK resident & non-UK citizen.


Despite extensive searching by me in the links* kindly given to me, by Simon43, in subsequent thread on same general theme, I have not located such a Bachelor Degree programme option through this route for :


Technology / Engineering

English Language


An Australian university -- University of Queensland  or whatever -- "appears" to offer "free" course in Construction Studies ;

But, upon my direct enquiries, I discover that it does not in reality, 


I suspect that many universities are offering "free" "on-campus attendance only" degree courses so as to secure funds from their relevant government & / or E.U. per each student attending, & also in concert with their "local" government, at least, for to gain expenditure income from "foreign" student who otherwise most likely would not benefit that economy with their presence in any way.




I.D. 8 / Post # 8




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