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I understand that thaivisa wants to make money but I m not going to put up for one more day with these popups. And, no, I m not changing my pc protection to the way the tell me to do.


So after a few years posting here, I m out. No need for such monkey business.


Sheryl, I benefited from your expertise on health matters in Cambodia which is unique and stands out from all other forums. I will check back from time to time, but otherwise, that was it.



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Prior to leaving it might be worth checking this post:



I don't know how long it will take, but I think there are efforts underway to make the user interface a little more friendly.  

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Ah, hahahaha.  Figures.


If people are experiencing a 30-second or 15-second viewing delay popup when clicking ThaiVisa forum pages then suggest they view/contribute to these two ThaiVisa Support forum threads:


Ad Blocker Notification
Started by MJCM, January 25  

...for those wanting to express their thoughts, displeasure or condolences [412+ posts so far]


AdBlocker Alternatives
Started by Tech Doctor, Friday at 09:10 AM

...for those who have helpful suggestions about alternative revenue schemes for ThaiVisa Forums

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