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Whats wrong with the air on Phuket


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2 hours ago, Old Croc said:

I read an article in the last couple of days (can't find it again, perhaps in Thaiger) that stated the haze we are getting now is from Indonesia.

I know you're committed to Patong for the long run, but for someone sensitive to air quality changes, perhaps it's not the best place to be living. When I resided there (Beverly Hills) I found black soot like material constantly coated the balcony. It couldn't be kept clean.

I think the geographical makeup of Patong with it's deep bay, small coastal plain and high hills on three sides, tends to lock haze in until the winds come. The amount of people and traffic in that small area don't help.

I now live on the other side of the hills in Chalong, and find the air is usually much clearer, although burning off by local farmers does create problems at  times. Smoke and haze don't linger as much here.

I agree that the air tends to be much clearer on the Chalong side. Still quite a bit of burning going on that is not only visible but also smells.
Both Chao Fa Roads have a lot of traffic with buses and trucks, which also contribute.

And another factor that was an issue for quite a while (not so much anymore) was the sand dust from the digging and daily explosions while the new water reservoir behind Wat Luang Phu Supha was built.

But although I moaned about the air quality at times, currently I have nothing to complain, which Old Croc will surely appreciate:)

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12 hours ago, xylophone said:

Back down to 6 again today Old Croc, happier with that!!

Wouldn't find many better readings anywhere on the planet.

There were many reasons I decided to live on this Andaman Sea Island. Regular  sea breezes that clear away the haze was just one.  I can't understand why anyone would want to live in Bangkok or CM.

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