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Two local flowers - have u seen them b4?


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While walking around on the outskirts of Hoy Plakang (where the giant white female buddha statue is) .....I saw two exceptional flowers growing wild.  Both are vines, like shade, are multi-colored, and are about 4 inches (10 cm) wide.   The red one is dazzling.  The white one reminds me of a poinsetta, in that its four petals aren't really flower petals but instead are white-colored leaves.  If anyone knows their names or anything else about them, let us know.  I dug up one of the red flower vines and transplanted to my garden.  It looked dead for weeks, but is now putting out two little green sprouts.   I haven't yet messed with the poinsetta-like one.  Am hoping one or both will put out seed, so I'll swing by in a few months - and then try sprouting them at my homestead.


Unless they've already been named, I've named one 'Redder' because it's redder than red.   The other is 'mini white poinsetta.'   




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I looked up 'passion fruit flower' and yes, the red one fits that category.  Thanks toybits for pointing that out.  The one plant I dug up (its root) and transplanted to my garden, is doing fine.  For 2 months, it looked dead, but with regular watering, it's now sending green shoots up like gangbusters - all over a new fence I built. 


                   I haven't yet tried transplanting a sprig of the other white/yellow flower.  Am waiting to see whether it produces seed.


                             Also, if anyone is interested in ground cover for recently disturbed soil, I have some suggestions:   I recently had two building pads cut by a Thai friend who drives a tractor.  Indeed, he's had the same red tractor for 50  years.  Anyhow, there are now two nice pads (about 70 sq.M each), but they're cut into hills, so there are also large areas of 'fill' dirt slopes, as friable as granulated salt.


                  I happen to have a source (on another parcel) of hundreds of aloe and dozens of agave starts, so I planted them on the slopes.   Besides looking good and growing hardy, the aloe and agave don't need to be babied with lots of water, once they're established.  


                  There are a few types of creepers that I like to use for ground cover - so they're interspersed, and doing well.   There will be some erosion-prevention measures needed, plus some weeding later on, but overall, those two steep slopes should be covered in attractive/protective plants b4 2 long.  

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