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BODIES on the move






EAT RIGHT, they say, and exercise, if you want to live a long and healthy life. But what if you’re tired of fitness equipment that reminds you of torture devices, running in place or a jogging routine that was once enjoyable but now feels mundane? We look at a few fun options that will get you up off the couch and moving.




Yes, it does exist and no, they’re not kidding. This ancient Indian practice found its way from the fifth century to the modern era to become one of the most popular forms of exercise for its many qualities that benefit not only the body but also the mind and the spirit. Yoga enthusiasts are big into healthy living, focusing the mind, tuning the body, and balance. So why not balance a trying one-hour workout with a soothing bottle of beer?


While a great way to make yoga more enjoyable, the sports science behind beer yoga is no joke. Germany’s BeirYoga founder, yogi Jhula, says that the idea is to “take the philosophies yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness”.


    Already popular in Europe and the US, beer yoga is making its debut in Bangkok tomorrow at OMMO Studios on Sathorn Road. Put together by Nipaporn “Whann” Audrach, a party event organiser, fitness fanatic and fashion model, beer yoga brings together the two things she loves the most.


“Drinking and exercising are two ordinary activities that are typically done separately,” she says. “Bringing them together makes for something special that is social, great fun and good for your health, provided you drink only one bottle, not until you are intoxicated.”


Yogis attending the launch event will do poses with a bottle of fresh ale, taking calm and conscious sips as they go. The laid-back concept is carried into the class and beginner positions will be taught, making this a perfect class for first-timers. There will also be a nutrition workshop with food giveaways and a bottle of craft beer from WishBeer for the yoga class. The session is taught by a Thai instructor who has trained specifically in beer yoga from Germany.


The one-hour beer yoga session costs Bt650 per person. Unfortunately tomorrow’s session is already fully booked, but the second and third episodes are being held at different venues in Bangkok next month. Stay tuned at www.Facebook.com/ JEZICAAwhan.




If yoga is a little too slow for you, be prepared to move to familiar tunes at Yoga & Me’s “Rhythm & Burn 90s Beat” aerobic dance class. The fitness studio that specialises in various levels of yoga and fitness recently launched this entertaining dance class for those looking for a workout that’s not too intense, builds fitness and muscle tone and is also fun.


“For some people, yoga requires too much concentration and becomes frustrating,” says Bee, yoga instructor and co-founder of Yoga & Me.


“On the other hand, dance classes like zumba can be too intense. That’s why we came up with this medium-hard dance class that gets you to move a little faster to build strength and muscles but not so much as to bulk you up or drain your energy completely. It is also suitable for those |not used to intense fitness programmes.”


And why ’90s music?


“The demographic of our clients are 30-somthings to 50-somethings and ’90s music is the sound with which they’re most familiar,” Bee explains.


“Artists from that era often had well-known specific dance moves for specific songs, and it’s fun to incorporate them in an aerobic dance routine. The class is lead by an instructor who often surprises with his moves.”


 The one-hour session aims to burn fat, build muscle, boost agility and uplift the mood. Besides a toned, lean body, expect to sing along to Thai pop hits from the past by Christina Aguilera, Tata Young, Raptor and international classic by the likes of Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. One single class costs Bt600 per person, and package deals are also available.


Rhythm & Burn 90s Beat is available at Yoga & Me at The Walk on Kaset-Nawamin Road, The Walk Ratchapruek and IBM Tower near Ari BTS. Visit www.YogaAndMe.net.




Build your base at the Base studio, which is revolutionising Bangkok’s fitness industry with a new regime that gets you in shape and in good health, and has the advantage of being suitable for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.


Base’s signature workout combines high intensity cardio intervals (HIIT) for fat burning with strength training for building muscle. Motivating trainers, a community spirit and event-quality light and sound make for an unrivalled training environment. Making sure that every step is just right and yields results, the data-driven approach leaves nothing to chance and ensures you’re always on track to hit your goals. All members get a monthly Baseline assessment of their fitness and body composition, covering body fat and muscle levels. Through expert programming, strong support and regular tracking of your progress, the studio ensures that you are getting stronger, healthier and leaner through each step of the process.


 “Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to take your fitness to the next level, Baseline is a perfect way to find out exactly where you are today and how much you can improve each month,” says Jack Thomas, founder and chief executive of Base.


“Our unique data-driven method uses the InBody machine to breakdown your body composition, body fat percentage and muscle mass in detail. Also, during the sessions, our trainers will take you through standardised strength and fitness assessment for you to see how much you’ve improved each month.”


Baseline runs on the first Saturday, Sunday and Monday of each month. The fitness centre is located inside Noble Remix building, adjacent to Thonglor BTS. Find out more at https://BaseBangkok.com.




You can also take your exercise to the next level with parkour. Developed in France in the 1980s primarily to increase agility in the military, the idea is to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without aid from any equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible through running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement and other freestyle moves.


    Not only does parkour help build agility, muscle strength and stamina, it also benefits your strategic thinking and analytical skills. And you don’t need to be in a military camp to practise! Based in Bangkok, Asia Parkour in Amarin Plaza close to Chidlom BTS is about natural and bodyweight movements training. It offers a holistic and transformative training approach that draws from parkour and movement-based fitness patterns.


The aim is to expose people to a unique, life-changing and natural approach to movement and help them to apply the benefits of the practice for a healthier and more active modern life. In addition to revealing your untapped potential, developing functional strength, learning how to maintain a focused mind, and creating a strong, resilient body, the training method promises to help you to better understand and control your body, and to gain confidence to become a better version of yourself.


Asia Parkour offers classes for all ability levels. Find out more at www.AsiaParkour.com.


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/life/living_health/30310044


-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-03-25
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If one can drink beer while practicing yoga in a class, the class is not likely very good. If you want to progress as a yogi, you need to be pushed. If you want to use it as alternative social place, okay, drink beer. I would like to see some of the drinkers practice breath of fire after a bottle. Most likely would be throwing up.

 Ancient practice? Just because it's old doesn't mean it is good. Myself, I'd like to see temple whores brought  back. That is an ancient practice.

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