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Koh Chang expat looking for expat buddy (buddies)

Jay K

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I`m ordinary guy, living and working here on Koh Chang. I believe in diving as my free time activity and great "wash out" from my work. I`d like to set (or join) a group of people with similar life style and believe here on Koh Chang.

I have great respect for all dive professionals represented throughout many dive clubs around the island. I just want to spend as much of my money on my own gear upgrades and further training towards Tech diving. I want to experience the logistics, planning, responsibility and the freedom of diving on my own - not to be "baby-sited" or paired with "insta-buddies" on Dive boats.

Therefore, if you are:

- living here (or very nearby)

- share the keen interest in diving, as I do

- have your own gear

- want to share the "logistic troubles" of diving outside of the local dive businesses

- want to dive for share cost (as I do this for my experience, not profit)

then, please contact me.

I`m willing to provide car and later a boat - as soon as I will get my RYA license transferred to Thai system. 

I`d like to ask local dive seniors for advice or constructive criticism on my plan.




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