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True fibre 100/30 with free TV PACKAGES


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I got this installed recently and its not great tbh, The torrents are throttled to a crawl during peak hours and the service is sometimes worse than the 4g on my phone,   is there any easy work around for them throttling the speed? 


Also the free TV is mostly  garbage as far as I can tell

Does anyone know to find the English speaking channels from the ~190 "free channels"  without surfing through them all? 


Knowing which numbers they are on would be a great help

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True fibre 100/30 with free TV PACKAGES..  yes also got on Christmas day, as the deal was 699 baht month for 1 year contract, mine is also Free Home phone calls [never used not had a home phone for at least 7 years , never used the Free TV, as have Kodi for years with everything I want on all my devises,  also 100 mins Free mobile phone calls per month.....  4 other houses in the Village also got the same deal/package.... 
I do not find it any better then the ADSL 15 mb I had for years from them before.....  in 2003 TRUE was the only provider in this area..  From Christmas, 1st 3 months always getting cut off for non payment...  they do not make it clear or tell you...  [same problem with the others here and there all Thai!!]
14 years paid every 3 months in arrears..  this new system Fibre + accounting is you must pay every month in advance..   Due date 25th Bill arrives about 27th  if not paid by 1st of the month then the signal is cut = a 30km trip
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