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I exporting a vintage Datsun to Canada

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Does anyone know how to do it 

and can anyone recommend a shipper 

does anyone know the cost from bkk to port of Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada 


i found a early 70's Datsun 620 pick up completely restored and daily driven 


but before I go buy it, I need to know if it's possible to export it. Or will Thailand ask for my left nut before it can leave the country


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  • The vehicle is 15 years old or older, based on the month and year of its manufacture, it belongs to a regulated class of vehicle under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (the Act) and is not a bus.

Send an email to the address on the transport Canada site.


Is it left hand drive? Does it have speedo in kph? Is all the paperwork watertight?


One container is about $2500


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Thanx for the info.


for importing into Canada I knew how. 


Its getting it it out of Thailand I was worried about.


and 2500$ for the container   I guess I better find a few more relec's I can ship to resell and cover the shipping cost and some

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you have obviously done your home work on the Canadian side   having lived in Thailand for many years  please expect the unexpected   ie    someone here will expect to put their sticky fingers in this well prepared pie   please dont shoot the messenger   just be aware  opportunists abound  in this land especially the ones that carry the rubber stamp

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