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New TRAP ?


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Was opening the Qatar Air site, which I visit frequently. So no reason at all of the sudden for such warning.

How to get rid of the visitor? BTW ADWcleaner has some of the most obscene permits, was uninstalled after first use.

Any options?


The deeper question =  recently, my pc W10 seems to be of special attraction, 

Is a thorough clean needed? How can a layman do this?




QR fake warning.GIF

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How did you get to the Qatar Air website. If it was a link from another website then the link could have been spoofed.

Your DNS may have been compromised (poisoned or changed) and serving you misdirected links at odd intervals.


It's also possible that QatarAir is selling inline adspace and their webserver is misconfigured to allow cross-site ads and that system is compromised.


Is it only this site, or have you experienced issues with other sites as well? 

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40 minutes ago, KhunBENQ said:

I opened this:



and even when trying hard, I don't see any ads (adspace).


The comment wasn't meant to be specific to Qatar Airways, but a quick review of their site suggests they don't provide adspace.

But a quick google search also show Qatar warning about fraudulent spoofed websites and fake emails with hidden links to phishing sites pretending to be qatarairways.com, qmiles.com or qatardutyfree.com.


So the question to the OP:

Are you running authentic ADGUARD software

Did you click on an email or webpage link, or did you type in or get to the Qatar site via a bookmark?


Seems odd you'd get a warning about a sports booking website when visiting the actual Qatar Airlines website (from a bookmark link or typing the actual url) unless something went suspiciously wrong along the trusted route of your Internet. 


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1. Adguard is on my Extension list.

An unjustified alarm can be just as disturbing, see my caution.

Qatarair has been my only carrier since years, no hint of any site trouble ever.

Perhaps I should replace Adguard  . With what?


2. Qatarair is bookmarked ergo no link problem

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Is this repeatable?


Does it occur when using other browsers?

Does it occur when going direct (not using tunnelbear) to view the site?


As @RedCardinal wrote, it could be other plugin's injecting html or javascript code, or even an upstream gateway injecting html or javascript code.  Could be any of the applications you mentioned, or some malicious DNS or Gateway upstream along your Internet connection.  If the error notice is consistent, trying various connection options (no vpn, or extension disabled) should allow you to isolate the culprit. 

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You are right!
Visiting QR website through VPN connection means that a strange party is knocking at the door. Full alert! And rightly so.No VPN no alert.
Problem solved, thank you very much !

Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk

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