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Certified copies of documents for UK Visa application

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Hi all, 


I'm applying for a UK spouse visa settlement appication. I have spent nearly all my time in Thailand since I met my fiance (soon to be wife) and will submit copies of my passports' entry/exit stamps (along with the corresponding flight printouts) since we met to show this to suppor the 'genuine and subsisting relationship' requirement. I'd like to get these certified / notarised - not 'legalized' as in sent to the MFA but rather as a more solid version of a basic photocopy for the purposes of satisfying the ECO . In the UK the Post Office offers this service. Is there anywhere in Bangkok / Pattaya that offers this - perhaps a legal firm that might be able to look at the whole 'set' rather than pricing each one individually -  I've got about 11 pages as I've been coming in and out every 90 days!


I'm also wondering what documents need the 'certified' copy treatment vs a normal copy. 



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