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Urinary incontinence

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The other night I was at a work function and had numerous whiskeys. I've been off the booze for 2 to 3 months and it was nice to drink 4 to 5 whiskeys. I didnt feel the need to go to the toilet and stayed at my chair for at least 3 hours. When we all got up to take photos I noticed that I could have wet myself. My jeans were all wet and so were my boxer shorts. I can believe that I might not have noticed that I might have lost control. It was really noisy with thai people talking and loud annoying music.


About 4 yrs ago I did have an enlarged prostate and was on antibiotics for 2 to 3 months I think.


If I was to go to one of the big city hospitals what tests should I get done? Should I get the obligatory finger up the bum again? Im aged late 40s and thus cant believe that I might suffer from this. I have memories of an old cleaning lady back home that we employed. She was in her 60s and when she sat down for a 'cupper' our lounge used to be wet from her mishap.



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Incontinence/leakage like that is more common in women.


The incontinence aspect - given that it was one incident after 4-5 whiskeys, if I were you I would wait and see if it happens again sober and if not, chalk it up to the booze.


Enlarged prostate per se is not so common at your age and also not treated with antibiotics -  sounds more  like prostatitis (which can cause some temporary increase in prostate size). After it resolved did you have a follow up prostate exam? As if your prostate is in fact enlarged then independent of incontinence, it needs periodic follow up.


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