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Hunt on for Thai guide who had tourists clamber over Ayutthaya ruins "to save money"


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Hunt on for Thai guide who had tourists clamber over Ayutthaya ruins "to save money"



Picture: Daily News


AYUTTHAYA: -- A hunt is on to find and prosecute a Thai guide who led his group of Chinese tourists over some historical ruins in Ayutthaya to avoid paying an entrance fee.


The incident happened near the site of the venerable Wat Prasrisanphet in the Ayutthaya historical park. It was caught on video and shared on social media, reported Daily News.


When the guide - named as Pratyathorn Chanthayanon - was approached by police he said: "Ok we'll go back and pay". He was with 34 Chinese tourists.


He seemed oblivious to the fact that his group had clambered over historical treasures possibly damaging them in the process.


Unfortunately the guide was not arrested at the time. Now an Ayuthaya tourism development officer called Eksara Seupsahaphop has made a formal complaint with police.


Despite the fact that the group did eventually pay he wants the guide prosecuted for damaging a national treasure and behaving inappropriately for a guide. He wants the tourism and sports ministry to suspend his license and fine him 5,000 baht, the top amount possible.


Tourism authorities agreed he must be found saying that it was also a case where the guide had been likely trying to save money by leading the group around the gate for payment and crawling over the ruins.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-05-10
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So a tourist guide trying to keep the entrancefee in his pocket while damaging ayutthaya ruins gets a 5000 baht fine and a Russian tourist feeding bread to the fish from a touristboat has to pay 100.000. 


Something is smelly here.

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Did the Tourists, by any chance, be forced to pay the over inflated, unjust, and in my opinion, a clear case of racism, prices to the Thai tour guide.

But then again, this is the land of paradise!

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