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Helping to post youtube clips for idiots!


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Hi, I am an idiot!

Been trying like hell to post a video from youtube onto the forum and I have not got a bloody clue:sad:.

First question, I am logged on to thaivisa forum yes? I then go to reply yes? Then what?

Tried watching a few vids on how to do it but no use, looked at the thread on the forum but still no use.

Trying to do it on a macbook air if that helps.

Yes you may reply with ok idiot you do it like this.

Thanks for any pointers on this matter.

Regards an idiot.

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OK, I'm doing this from a PC, I see no reason why a Mac should be significantly different.


Watch the clip in your browser.


Copy the clip URL from the address bar, it says something like


Then just paste that into your post and it should embed the video like this.



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And if you are on your phone. At the top of the you tube clip when it starts you will see an arrow that sweeps to the right.

Click on that and it will bring up another window. Click "copy link" and then paste it into your post.


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24 minutes ago, Hutch68 said:

Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect

Sounds like you need advice on how to handle the iPhone?

Not from me, sorry. I am an iPhone idiot. Never even touched one.


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4 hours ago, Hutch68 said:

I'm on replying to a post so after write a reply how do I get onto YouTube from there?


You want to copy the url for your YouTube video and 'paste' that 'url link' directly into the ThaiVisa post where ThaiVisa will expand it into the inline video. 


On a MAC you should be able to get the url for the video either by opening the YouTube video in a browser window and...

hover over the video and Ctrl-Click and select copy url or copy image address

or copy the url directly from the browser address bar


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