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Old Sick person has fractured thigh bone.


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85 year old woman has fallen a few days ago and broken her thigh bone. Doctor has recommended 

that a metal plate be inserted in her thigh.


Thought Id get a few opinions here since Im pretty skeptical of doctors.


This woman has suffered a host of other serious health issues in the months leading up to her fall…heart, stroke, coma...

the whole shebang. Given her advanced years, precarious health situation and the fact that bones don't mend easily at this age,

would you recommend going ahead with inserting the metal plate?


And if not, then what are the alternatives to the plate?


Thank you in advance.





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Before the fracture was she ambulatory ?


If she walked well with few problems, then perhaps it is worth considering. But if she was in or near needing wheelchair for mobility, unless the plate is absolutely necessary for pain resolution or some other major reason, I'm not sure I would put here through the surgery.


I took care of my mom for 14 years so I know a bit about declining doctors. Let's see: eye surgery recommended at 90 to clear up pterygium, Surgery to relieve pressure in clenched hand by cutting tendons, etc etc etc. Cholesterol meds at 85...mom lived without them for 9 more years, etc etc. At some point every decision is a quality of life decision, will the pain be worth it for the extra vitality going forward...that's what you must ask.

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My mother broke her femur at age 87 and had to have the head of the bone (the ball) replaced.  It was extremely rough on her.  A geriatric doctor told us that many above 85 who have that type of severe surgery die within 6 months or so.  She's made it about two years now, but her health has declined rapidly.



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If she was walking before (as I assume since she fell) and hopes to continue doing so, she needs the plate.


The alternative is to be wheelchair bound for the rest of her life.


Of course, no guranatee with the surgery she'll get back on her feet, surgery can be hard at that age, but there is a chance whereas none without it.


Needs to be her decision.

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I had orthopedic surgery on my broken leg in Feb requiring some hardware...I am 66 y.o., diabetic and high BP (all controlled) and had all the pre - op tests done for the docs to assess my ability to withstand the trauma associated with the surgery...it was a military hosp and they were skeptical even though I am otherwise healthy, sturdy immune system and etc...hadta sign a waiver stating that I understood the hazards, etc...


given the subject's recent history of stroke, etc and overall precarious health and based on my recent experience the docs may not elect to perform the procedure except with a negative prognosis...ie, the cure may be worse than the disease...


for comparison in my own case 3 mos after the surgery the bones are 90% healed but the surgical wound is taking a long time to close needing regular cleaning and dressing changes, etc...I can get to the market now with a walking stick...



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